Winning General Election 2014

    Winning General Election 2014. Traditionally India’s massive population of 1.2 billion -- the outcome of the pathetic failure of the birth control/family planning of the Congress Party which has ruled India for almost half a century – has been regarded as an impediment to progress. CFPI’s strategy is to transform this perceived liability into an asset by expanding the definition of democracy and persuading hundreds of million citizens to become involved and engaged in the task of nation and society building for their own benefit and of the next generation. To start with CFPI will be a genuinely people’s party with a mass membership base. Dilip Thakore the promoter-chairman of CFPI has invested a sum of Rs.10,00,000 – his entire life savings -- in CFPI’s account No. 32714840147 with the State Bank of India, Richmond Road Branch, Bangalore. My message to the people of India is simple and direct: “I have invested Rs.10,00,000 to secure the future of India’s Generation Next. Can you risk Rs. 100 and become a registered member of the CFPI?” It is my belief that citizens from all walks of life who are fed up with the dynastic rule of the irretrievably corrupt Congress, disharmonious BJP and family-run political parties in the states will respond enthusiastically to this appeal backed by CFPI’s “Let’s rebuild a Great Society” manifesto.


   This message will be posted and reiterated on CFPI’s comprehensive state-of-the-art website (________) which offers a payment gateway. Moreover, citizens can register as party members by way of cheque, money order, demand draft etc. Rural citizens are invited to join CFPI on payment of a lower membership fee of Rs.30. Corporate members’ fees are capped at Rs. 10,000. However an important condition of party membership is that each applicant will enroll two other members who will in turn enroll two other members each and so on ad infinitum. Through this multi-level marketing strategy CFPI intends to build a membership base of 100 million within 12 months. In the interests of transparency and prudent management of the party’s corpus fund, CFPI’s running account – showing all income and heads of expenditure – fully updated every month will be posted on the party’s website for inspection by party members and the public. From this corpus, CFPI will fund the election expenses of all party candidates countrywide.


    Yet while saving Generation Next through a major education reform, improvement and upgradation programme is the top priority on the national development agenda of CFPI, this is a fully-fledged political party with a comprehensive agenda covering all sectors of the Indian economy as set out below.

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