Amidst COVID-19: Moving towards a new Normal World!

Amidst COVID-19: Moving towards a new Normal World!

The deadly COVID-19 has devastated the world for the past 6 months. The year itself started with bushfires across Amazon rainforests and Australia. This was followed by an accidental shooting of a Ukrainian jetliner, which led to heightened tensions between the US and Iran. Major earthquakes in Turkey and the Caribbean, Taal volcano eruption in the Philippines, gas plant explosion in Nigeria all led to a loss of lives and disruption in normal activities. India saw increasing cases of violence in various parts. Cyclone Amphan caused widespread damage in eastern India and Bangladesh while the recent Cyclone Nisarga hit India from the western side. A locust swarm outbreak in east Africa and India has destroyed huge hectares of agriculture. Deaths of many known names across the world including the basketball player Kobe Bryant and many from Bollywood like Rishi Kapoor, Irfan Khan, etc. have further led to a sad state of affairs.

The world and the domestic economy has been plunging. After 5 lockdowns, India has had to open up in phases to reboot its economy through Unlock 1.0. As of now, the government has largely opened up many areas barring the containment zones. But, there is an increased number of new cases each day and it is best to maintain lockdown for those who can.

All this was bound to happen! Nature had already given too many alarms and we were just not bowing down.
That said, few good things have happened too. Families have more time for each other and they are enjoying their lockdown time cooking, cleaning, and playing board games. Industrial shutdown and no vehicular movement has also brought down the pollution levels drastically. Delhi skies recently saw a double rainbow. There are also unusual sightings of animals such as a nilgai in Noida or a civet in Kozhikode, the endangered
river Ganges dolphin in Meerut, or a spotted deer in Tirupati!

So, what is our learning and what do we expect the post-COVID world to be like? Well, one thing is for sure! We will watch our actions in the future, especially where human and animal interface is involved. Wildlife trade and consumption would both be under a heavy check world-over. Also, humans will be better prepared to face any disaster. Educational learning will be more integrated with virtual teaching gaining momentum. Of course, for many months, we will need to practice social distancing, wear masks whenever stepping out and wash or sanitise our hands regularly. This will now be a new normal. A new normal World! So let’s all hope we soon adapt to this new normal world and it is a kinder and happier place than it was before!
(With some inputs from Parth Goel, Lotus Valley International School )

Young Minds Speak!

Garv Chaturvedi

Learning from COVID…
1 Planet belongs to all not only to humans!
2 Nothing is more precious than your health!
3 Don’t be dependent on others!
4 Change the perspective and the world will change!

Changes Post-COVID…
1 Technology will be the lifeline!
2 Habits will change forever!
3 Health will be the focus area!
4 Distance will matter!

Garv Chaturvedi
Class VII, The Shriram Millennium School, Noida

Raghav Mathur, Class X, Shiv Nadar School, Noida

 Learning from COVID…

“It is important to teach environment education to children right from beginning so that they are aware of the importance of nature, environmental system and its issues and the whole food chain right. If they learn about Mother Earth at the grassroot level, in all probabilities they will develop into kinder human beings. They will also be better equipped to find solutions to issues posed by both natural and man-made disasters”.

Post-COVID World…

The world is changing. Earth is healing, birds are chirping and there is less pollution. Increased family time has brought back mental peace and inner calm.

Raghav Mathur,
Class X, Shiv Nadar School, Noida

Aarushi Gahlawat,

Lockdown musings…
1 We can help each other, but we don’t!
2 We can save nature, but we don’t!
3 We can take out time for each other, but we don’t!
4 Why is it that we can do everything, but we don’t?
Post-COVID World…
“It would be a changed world! Everyone would be far more cautious of touching anyone and will maintain a safe distance. The work from home culture would set in and the climate should get a breather like it currently is. The educational learning would be more technological-based”.

Aarushi Gahlawat,

Class IX, The Shriram School, Aravali

Samyaa Goyal

Learning from COVID…
“Most important thing I learnt from COVID pandemic is to differentiate between our ‘need’ and ‘want’ and adaptability. I learnt that change is constant and we have to continuously adapt ourselves to changing surroundings to survive. Also, I learnt that when we cannot go outside, go inside to find peace and calm”!
Post-COVID World…
“World after COVID will be more positive and grateful. People will give nature the space it deserves. Humans will be more watchful of their actions and interaction with the animal world”.

Samyaa Goyal,
Class X, The Shriram School, Aravali

Parth Goel

Learning from COVID…
Be watchful of your actions!
Post-COVID World…
“Corona has left people in vain, hunger and pain. Economy has seen major downfall. It will take some time to bounce back. At the same time, Mother Earth is healing itself and natural flora n fauna are blooming to their best. More people have shifted to veg diet releasing the animals free. People will realise the importance of nature in post-COVID world and hopefully, it will be a happier world”!

Parth Goel,
Class VIII, Lotus Valley International School, Noida