Did You Know? Oil is lighter than water!

Did You Know? Oil is lighter than water!

Let’s make a Lava Lamp!!

Things required:
Empty glass, oil, water, fizzy tablet, food colour, torch

1. Take an empty glass and fill it with one-fourth of water.
2. Add oil slowly and fill it till the top.
3. Wait for the two layers to separate.
4. Add a few drops of food colour. Then add a fizzy tablet and see the magic!!
5. You will see very beautiful bubbles erupting in the form of lava! Now switch off the light n see it with a torch. It will look even more beautiful!

So wondering how this magic happened or what is the science behind it?

The layers of water and oil separate as oil is lighter than water. So, it floats on the surface of the water. When we drop a fizzy tablet in mixture carbon dioxide is released. As gas is lighter than water so it rises and takes the water along with it and therefore, we see the coloured bubbles! When air reaches the top, it vanishes in the environment and the process is repeated.

By Prisha Jain, 8 years, Summerfields School, New Delhi