Do you want to build a Snowman at home?

Do you want to build a Snowman at home?

Yes, it is possible! Let’s learn how to make fake snow!!

Material needed:

-3 cups baking soda
-½ cup white conditioner


1. Mix the conditioner and baking soda.
2. Mix with a fork until well-blended and a moldable texture is ready.
3. Your fake snow is ready to play with.
4. Now, make a snowman. You can also have a snowball fight, make snow angels or just throw it up in the air and watch it fall back down. Interesting!

Observation: You will observe that the mixture blends very well and gives a snowy and smooth feel which can be easily moldable in different shapes.

How did this happen?

Different products cause different reactions when mixed or merged with each other.

Interesting Fact!

Have you ever wondered what things like wood, paper and cotton are made of? The main component in these items is cellulose, which is one of many polymers found in nature.
Polymers are large molecules that make up many of the materials. Other natural polymers include wool, silk and natural rubber, while synthetic polymers include nylon, silicone and synthetic rubber.
One of such polymers is sodium polyacrylate which is also used to fake snow. Once the polymer comes in contact with water, it draws it in, causing the polymer to expand tremendously forming a white fluffy substance that looks like real snow! You can find this polymer in many items such as diapers and gel toys. Sodium Polyacrylate can hold over 300 times its own weight in water!

By Trisha Lakhmani, Class V, The Aryan International School, Varanasi