Educator Speak With Anupama Motwani

Educator Speak With Anupama Motwani

What is Failure?

“You aren’t defined by your failures, you’re empowered by them”- Lee Watanabe Crockett

Failure is an event, not a person!

How you choose to interpret your failures will either move you forward in life or hold you back. Every failure can be turned into a stepping stone to success. Every mistake is a lesson in what not to do. Every setback is an opportunity to dig deeper into your own self, to access resources you didn’t know you have and to acquire wisdom you could gain no other way.

There are things that you and only you can do. There are always things that will never be done if you do not do them. But any worthwhile accomplishment is going to call on you to trust your ability and to risk mistakes. Most of all, it will take stepping out of your comfort zone again and again, no matter how loud that little voice of doubt is screaming in your head to play it safe, turn back or give up.

If we turn the pages of history we would find that most success stories are stories of triumph over adversity. But we often tend to overlook the setbacks and see the success.

When we hear the success stories of people around us we think that the person got lucky or the person must have been at the right place at the right time or maybe he is really smart or talented or well-connected.

But what we forget to reflect upon is while it may have been a little bit of each, what ultimately led to his success was his refusal to allow his setbacks and failures to define him or his resilience or his belief in his own self.

People like Thomas Alva Edison or Walt Disney were not born with some super human resilience that shielded them from disappointment, self-doubt or misgivings. Each one of them had to wage their own inner battles with the fear of failure as they worked hard to overcome the external obstacles that lined their path to success. What distinguishes these people is that they did not become a victim to their failures.

When they fell down, they got up with renewed zest and began chasing their dream with passion and enthusiasm. And when people told them that their dream was unachievable, they refused to buy into their lack of belief. The thing that kept them going is their belief that success does not come by avoiding failures. You succeed by trying and making mistakes and learning and starting over.

So children do not hesitate to venture into new territories, tread the untrodden path or dream the unachievable. It is your resilience and diligence which is going to set you apart!

With Anupama Motwani,
Vice Principal, Bal Bharati Public School, Noida