Educator Speak with Vithika Rahul

Educator Speak with Vithika Rahul

I am unable to control my temper and often shout at my loved ones? How can this be controlled?

Frequent emotional outburst is a common problem faced by many children. Taking long deep breath helps, going for walks, doing some physical exercise such as playing, dancing, etc. helps you in channelizing your energy. You can also paint and draw how you are feeling. Try talking to people who care and share your emotions with them to vent out what you are feeling. If you cannot do physically, try talking on phone.

Why are there trust issues between parents and children?

The reason behind this is lack of communication. When I say communication it includes both talking and listening especially empathic listening, Children and parents both need to have open mind and be receptive to each other needs, beliefs and values. One should not impose the thoughts and belief on each other rather they should discuss and find reasons for conflict so that there is more understanding and trust.

I experience lot of anxiety and fear before exams. How can I control this?

Fear of exams is faced by children of every age. It is essential to practice regular studies and not the last moment preparations. Making time table helps. Talk to your parents, friends and others about your feelings. Activities like
exercising, walking and other recreational activities should be continued even during exams may be for lesser time. Maintain fixed eating and sleeping pattern.

I am unable to concentrate for a longer time? How can I improve that?

There are many sources of distractions like gadgets, social networking etc. Every child has their attention span hence it is important not to compare yourself with others. Remember it is not the number of hours that you study but the amount of time you can attentively study. Take small breaks when you think you are not registering anything but avoid any gadget during the break time.

I have seen some of my friends lying frequently? Why do they do it?

They might be scared to accept their mistakes. It is important for you to explain to your friends to weigh pros and cons of hiding their mistakes. Reassure him/her that trust building is a mutual process and both children and parents need to work on it.

Even if we try we are unable to stick to our daily routines and unable to compete our work? Please guide.
One major cause of lack of routine is poor time management and excessive use of gadgets. It is important to have consistent schedule in terms of bedtime, meals etc. Build some daily routines and reinforce them like brushing teeth before sleeping or praying etc.

I know my time get wasted a lot while I sit on gadgets still I am unable to resist it?

Make efforts to reduce your gadget time slowly. Indulge in your hobbies or something that you enjoy like reading. Keep time for bonding with your parents and doing some physical exercise.