How to make a  Bird Feeder?

How to make a Bird Feeder?

Materials Required:

  • Empty 5 litre plastic bottle of floor cleaner/ any other bottle
  • Green acrylic paint, paintbrush, handful of grass, fevicol, artificial flowers for decoration, 3 tsp green colour glitter
  • Knife and scissor to cut the bottle and a stick
  • Food for the birds


  • Wash the bottle thoroughly and let it completely dry.
  • Using a knife and scissors, cut two big squares on opposite sides of the bottle as shown in the picture.
  • Paint the bottle (three coats) with green acrylic colour. Let it dry completely.
  • With the help of fevicol, paste the grass into the bottle. Also, paste the flowers and glitter on the bottle.
  • Now, make a small hole on the opposite sides of the bottle. Put the stick from one side and take it out from other side.
  • Put the bird food into the bottle.
  • Hang the bird feeder with help of the rope in the balcony or on a tree as suitable.

Simple! Follow the steps suggested by Hiranya Gahlawat,

Class III, DAV Public School, Gurugram