Make your own Solar Oven

Make your own Solar Oven

What is a solar oven?

A solar oven is a device that uses energy of direct sunlight to heat a body or surface.

Things required:

  • Cardboard pizza box
  • Scissors
  • Aluminium foil
  • Plastic wrap
  • Clear tape
  • Ruler
  • Newspaper
  • Black construction paper
  • Thermometer
  • Bread to toast


1. Use the scissors to cut a flap in the lid of the pizza box, cut along three sides. Cut along three sides, leaving about an inch between the sides of the flap and the edges of the lid.

2. Cover the inner side of the flap that will be facing the inside of the pizza box in aluminum foil so that it will reflect rays from the sun.

3. Use clear plastic wrap to create an airtight window for sunlight to enter into the box.

4. Line the bottom of the box with black construction paper as black absorbs heat.

5. This is the surface where your food will be set to cook.

6. To insulate the oven so that it holds more heat, roll up a newspaper and place them on the bottom of the box around the cooking area.

7. The best hours to set up the oven is when the sun is high between 11 am to 3 pm.

8. Take it outside, look for a sunny spot and adjust the flap until the most sunlight possible is reflecting off the aluminum foil and onto the plastic window. Use a ruler to hold the flap at the right angle.

9. You can butter the toast and place it in the cooking area, and let the sun do its magic. Do not forget to place a thermometer inside before you close it, so that you can check the temperature.

Rohnish Middha, Class II, St. Peter’s College, Agra