Making Ecobricks!

Making Ecobricks!

What is an Ecobrick?

Ecobrick is a plastic bottle packed with used plastic to a set density. They are used as reusable building blocks to produce various items such as furniture (like a table/stool), garden walls and other structures instead of wood or bricks.

How does it benefit?

Simple! As you all know plastic is non-biodegradable. That means it cannot be removed from nature once produced. So we can reduce its production or once produced, we can choose to recycle it or reuse it. Ecobricks offer just the right way to reuse it so that it does not go to landfills or oceans.

Now, how to make an Ecobrick?

Again, very simple!

1. Collect all your plastic waste such as toffee/chocolate wrappers, empty chips packets, cola and water bottles or any kind of plastic bottle, plastic packaging of toys or food items, plastic cutlery or straws, plastic food containers etc. etc. Remember not to use any glass or paper or any biodegradable material.

2. After you have collected all your plastic waste, put all the small plastic into the plastic bottle or container as much as possible.

3. Your ecobrick is ready. Now you can make several of these ecobricks.

4. Use them to make a side stool or a table or a showpiece or your garden wall or a wall hanging.

Sahana Singh, Class IV, Army Public School, Agra (Sahana is one of the few who received Children First certificates for their best ideas for Children First ‘Make in India’ contest)