Online Learning – Here to Stay?

Online Learning – Here to Stay?

Learning is not the same in the COVID-19 world. Schools have shut down and switched to online learning. This was a sudden change and none of us was expecting it this way. But you have done well adapting to the newer ways of learning. Laptops/Tablets have replaced blackboards and PDF/PPT/Word has taken the place of books and notebooks. Teachers, children as well as parents are all trying hard and best to upgrade themselves.

There is mixed opinion about this new way of learning. Few children are loving it! According to them, it offers convenience and flexibility and is improving their digital skills. However, most of the children are waiting to return to school. They are missing the face to face interaction with their friends and teachers and the open air. Also according to them, it does not provide complete understanding of concepts.

That said, we are still not sure when schools are going to reopen. So it is clear that the learning would be online for a while and we would need to teach ourselves to be self-disciplined and self-focused. Even when schools open, educationists say that there will be integrated learning involving both traditional and digital learning methods. Well, if that happens, it should be some good fun!! What do you think? Do send us your comments at


Taking Care of Your Eyes

Do your eyes feel stressed out with too much digital exposure? Do you feel your head is aching after a few hours of online learning? Follow some simple eye care habits, tips, and exercises to take care of your eyes so that they remain hydrated:
1. A healthy balanced diet including fresh coloured fruits and vegetables especially yellow in colour such as papaya, mango, carrots, and pumpkin. Eggs, fish, and meat may also be included.
2. Drink plenty of water for hydration.
3. Get a good night’s sleep.
4. If prescribed glasses, use them regularly.
5. Limit your screen time if you want to use your eyes for a long-long time. Screen time should not be more than two hours.
6. Large screens, good lighting, a correct posture go a long way in avoiding strain. Use a table and chair. The screen should be arms length away and at your eye level. No slouching!! Do your eye exercises regularly. Follow a 20-20-20 rule for eye relaxation where a 20 seconds break every 20 minutes is taken to look at something 20 feet away.
7. Play outdoors to prevent an increase in the number of your glasses.
8. Clean your eyes twice a day with fresh cool water. Do not rub your eyes.
10. Any irritation/redness or watering of eyes, if bothering you, must be reported to the eye doctor. If you have a difference in the vision of both eyes or you need to sit very close to the television or school blackboard do not ignore it. Seek advice from an ophthalmologist.

By Dr. Shalini Garg,
Senior Paediatric Ophthalmologist, St. Stephens Hospital, New Delhi



Young Minds Speak!

Online learning or In-school learning?

Karnik Garg<

“Online learning is boring! In school you get to play in play areas, sandpits, meet friends and do a lot of activities. I can go outside and have fun in the fresh air. I can talk to my friends in my free time. I can have an amazing lunch in school”.
Karnik Garg, Class III, The Shriram School, Aravali

Ardhya Shukla

“Online learning has greatly improved our digital skills. We have become faster and have started multi-tasking. It is preparing you technologically for the future”.
Ardhya Shukla, Class VI, The Shriram School, Aravali

Hamsini Goel

“Online learning is fun. I can have my chocolates in between my sessions. There is no need to wake up early. I can see all my friends onscreen all the time. Even if someone is not well, they can attend since it from home. I also get to be with my Mom and Dad and I love it”

Hamsini Goel, Class I, Lotus Valley International School, Noida

Rohnish Middha

“Classroom learning gives me a chance to interact with my friends in person- to play and share my things with them. Going to school keeps us better organised, as we all are realizing now, and keeps discipline in our life”
Rohnish Middha, Class II, St. Peter’s College, Agra

Parth Goel

“Online, there cannot be a genuine evaluation of tests. Half the time children are busy with other things and there is a lack of attention. Some are even sleeping in the class. I miss the practical work done in labs in subjects like science. Sports classes are not at all effective. By the end of the day, eyes are exhausted”

Parth Goel, Class VIII, Lotus Valley International School, Noida

Dhruvin Sharma

“In online learning, whenever ma’am delivers monologue followed by videos, one doesn’t get to do written work which is not the case when you are in school”
Dhruvin Sharma, Class III, The Shriram School, Aravali

Dhruvin Sharma

“In online learning, whenever ma’am delivers monologue followed by videos, one doesn’t get to do written work which is not the case when you are in school”
Dhruvin Sharma, Class III, The Shriram School, Aravali

Arhaan Mathur

“In school learning is good but online is fun too…It’s a different experience. We use SEQTA, SEE SAW apps and enjoy online activities that are specially designed for us. It is fun to meet friends online and attend zoom birthday parties”.
Arhaan Mathur, Class V, Shiv Nadar School, Noida

Devansh Lal

“I miss meeting friends, my canteen time and the sports classes. The retention of the concept from the online learning is also not very high. But there are other things in online classes like you can operate from home with all the things accessible at a stretch of your hand. You can be in your pajamas and you can still attend the class. You can eat, sleep, play and do many more interesting things during the breaks. Even if you are not well you can be half-present for the class or you can record it and view it later”.
Devansh Lal, Class VII, The Shriram Millennium School, Noida

Avyaan Rai

“Online classes are no fun and no playtime. It is too much strain on my eyes. I like to go to school, meet my friends and meet the teachers”
Avyaan Rai, Class II,  Shiv Nadar School, Noida

Atharv Duggal

“Going to school is more fun because I meet my friends and teachers. I understand things better. I enjoy my bus ride to school, outdoor games and slides with my friends during breaks”
Atharv Duggal, Class KG, Shiv Nadar School, Faridabad