Psychiatrist Speak with Dr. Soumya Tandon

Psychiatrist Speak with Dr. Soumya Tandon

Children First spoke to Dr. Soumya Tandon, Consultant Psychiatrist, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi to get some tips for you on how to stay healthy and positive during COVID-19…

COVID-19 is an unusual situation. We have seen many changes in our routine life due to this pandemic. The schools have closed down and you have been advised to stay indoors. Online portals are being used to teach, train and to play. Of course, with so many changes, some amount of anxiety and fear that you may be experiencing is normal. So we must stay healthy and positive and for that, there are certain things that we can follow.

The first of these is hand hygiene and social distancing, which I am sure, you are aware of by now. The next important thing to do is some amount of physical activity. WHO recommends 60 minutes of physical activity for children and adolescents. You can do simple activities such as play at home or in the backyard. Other than the physical exercises, relaxation techniques such as yoga, deep breathing can also be practiced.

Make a routine. Time management is very important. Especially when all the learning is through online teaching, it is recommended that the screen time on other online activities such as watching TV, playing online games and using social media is cut down. Limit the screen time for up to one hour for internet activities. Instead use more time to bond with family members, discuss how / what you feel, do activities jointly like cooking, gardening, discussing hobbies etc. Also, ensure to maintain a proper sleep cycle.

These positive measures will help us stay healthy, both physically and emotionally, during this period. Stay safe!