Psychologist Speak with Dr. Priyanka Halwasiya, Child Psychologist, Gangaram Hospital, Delhi

Psychologist Speak with Dr. Priyanka Halwasiya, Child Psychologist, Gangaram Hospital, Delhi

Being bullied at school? Facing an issue but don’t know what to do? Getting angry over little things? Children First spoke to Dr. Priyanka Halwasiya for finding answers to all of the above and more. Dr. Halwasiya is a Child Psychologist at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi. She has worked on assessment and diagnosis of children, psychoeducation with families and children and management of various difficulties faced by a child. Here are few questions we asked her on your behalf…

If I get upset and irritated very frequently, what should I do?

There are various reasons for anger and irritation to happen. To begin with, it is important for you to find out what is it in your life that you do not like and that is making you angry, and do something about it. If you are not able to find out the reason, then try doing 15 minutes running every day. It helps release the anger energy from the body.

If we are facing any kind of issues at school or our home or in our surrounding areas, and we are not feeling comfortable talking to our parents about it, how do we handle it? What is best for us to do in that situation?

What is important is that you are able to resolve the problem. If you cannot talk to your parents, talk to another trustworthy adult like your teacher or the school counsellor or a friend who can help you deal with the situation.

How should we counter bullying in school or elsewhere?

Bullying is best dealt with by raising your voice. Sometimes we need to speak in the language that the other person understands. So if the other person speaks in a particular manner with you, you might need to respond back to him/her in the same way. This doesn’t mean that you are bullying people around you. It means that you are making it clear to him in his style of talking that how bullying makes you feel. Else reach out for support.

If someone touches us inappropriately, then how should we respond? How do we handle the situation?

If you have been touched inappropriately, the first thing you need to do is reach out for a safe place. In order to escape the situation, you might need to shout out for help or even hit the other person in his eyes, nose or private area. After getting into a safe place, establish safety by talking about it to an adult who can ensure that nothing like this ever gets repeated.

If I am being prompted by a friend to do something which I think is bad, but not sure, how do I go about it? Whom should I discuss it with?

Peer pressure is the most common problem in school life. We are directly or indirectly compelled to do things that we do not think are right. Well, most important in this given situation is to think about the short term and long term impact. How will this thing impact you and your family. Usually, we are told and we begin to think that it will be a one-time thing. But usually, it is not. So before giving in to the situation talk to another peer you have or a trustworthy teacher who could understand you.

What are some of the tips you could give to us to stay mentally healthy and strong?

We get unwell when we are hit by a virus or bacteria. Likewise, we are hit emotionally and mentally when we are hit by negativity. So in order to have good emotional health, we need more positive thoughts. We need to have more fun and lots and lots of outdoor play and activity. It will be best to replace screen time with something that makes us have more fun.