Doctor Speak with Dr. Parthiban Balasundaram, Consultant, MGM Healthcare, Chennai

Doctor Speak with Dr. Parthiban Balasundaram, Consultant, MGM Healthcare, Chennai

Dr. Parthiban Balasundaram has done his DM in Neuroradiology from All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi and is currently working as an Associate Consultant at MGM Healthcare, Chennai.

Brain Health Alert

How can children improve their brain health?

Simple – Give your brain a workout by learning a new skill (thing) that you did not know previously. For eg learn a new language, art, sport or musical instrument. Stay Active. Eat healthy and balanced diet. Always remember there’s a solution to every problem; you have to understand the problem right. Stay Happy!

Why did you choose to become a doctor? When did you decide that you wanted to be a doctor?

“Two words: curiosity and compassion.” As a young boy I always wanted to know about everything (why, what, how were my favorite questions). The working of human body fascinated me the most. I somehow knew very early that I would enjoy using my knowledge of it to help others live healthier and happier lives.

Why you have chosen this field of specialty?

I chose a career in imaging and treating brain (Neuroradiology) because I felt that who we are as a person is all controlled by our “BRAIN”— our thinking, knowledge, perception etc. I aspired to preserve brain health by identifying changes in patients’ brain pictures through imaging techniques.

What does it take to do this job?

To become a good doctor you need not study hard you have to study with passion. But it takes more than just studies. You have to know the value of life, and understand how to talk with patient & family members in ways they understand. It is a very rewarding and satisfying experience to help save a life.

How did reading in school help you?

What I learned from subjects (like science and math) in school was how to study and how to think logically and scientifically. Don’t memorize anything just read and understand the concepts. You have to know if what I’m reading makes sense and also how to incorporate the new knowledge into everyday life.

What skills are required in your position on a day-to-day basis?

Good observation skills are required to detect a problem in person’s brain. It is more of like “spot the difference” game where you have to find minute changes in pictures. Like I find these minute changes in brain, you can also find minute changes in people around you especially who are old or even young adults; and identify a stroke. “There’s a Hero in all of us”; even you can help save a life of a person with “Stroke” – Be a Stroke Hero!

What is “Stroke”?

Well, Stroke also knows as “Brain Attack” is caused by problems in the blood circulation to the brain. It occurs when part of the brain loses its blood supply or bleeds and stops working. The brain cells suddenly die because of lack of oxygen and causes disabilty.

How can I become a “Stroke Hero”?

Stroke Heroes are everyday people who recognize stroke when they see it! You can be a Stroke Hero too – You need to stay alert of your surroundings; If you recognize stroke warning symptoms; Act Quickly; Alarm an adult/people near you; Call Ambulance; You might save a life – Be a Hero!

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