The Climate Change is Real

The Climate Change is Real

Wake up or we will not have a choice!

It is high time we started taking care of what nature has given to us if we want to leave anything behind for later generations. The whole world is paying a price for what it has been doing for ages – unwatched use of water, deforestation to cater to growing population and urbanization, use of plastics for ease of convenience, increasing carbon emitting vehicles on roads.

The result has been scary. Today, we are looking at a severe water crisis in many countries across North Africa and Middle East as well as atleast a handful of cities across India. About 700 species of ocean marine life could go extinct due to increasing plastic pollution. Sea turtles, seals and sea lions, sea birds, whales and dolphins are some of the species which are deeply impacted by plastic pollution.

Amazon rainforests, the lungs of our planet, are ablaze with fires reportedly due to increased deforestation. Countries across Europe are experiencing heatwaves like never before. Full or part of glaciers across Greenland and Iceland are being lost to climate change. Situation in India is the same if not worse. It has recently been touted as the most sulphur emitting country in the world. The rivers are going dry and many of its cities such as Chennai and Bangalore faced a real water crisis this year for the first time.

Some steps are being taken in India to control the situation. The ban on single use plastic announced first by the Parliament followed by the Indian Railways is a welcome step. Both tiger and lion populations which were on the verge of extinction have reversed their numbers due to heightened measures to control poaching. Many NGOs and people are working to clean up the existing beaches while the awareness is being created for saving every drop of water.

Much more needs to be done. Awareness is still very low. As the future upholders of the country, you can bring that change. Educate the ones around you on why it is important to save water, how they could do it, why plastic is bad. Think about the alternatives.
The climate change is real. It would be better if we wake up sooner than later and start saving what exists before that is gone and it is too late to save anything.

Students’ Opinion

“A water-stressed country like Oman is treating 100% of its wastewater and reusing 78% of it. Why can’t we? A simple step like re-using the waste RO water for cleaning, mopping or watering the plants could help save lot of ground water”, says Ayaan Deshwal, Class VI, Shriram Millenium School, Noida

“Using cloth bags for vegetables, paper pens, clay post for tea, paper bags for gifting, are every day measures which we could consciously take to avoid plastic”, says Sadhna Sharma, Class VIII, Manav Rachna International School, Gurgugram

“No vehicle day once a week, Rahagiri day, using bicycle for nearby travel, car pools on a regular basis could lower carbon emissions”, according to Bhuvi Mangla, Class XI, DPS Gurugram.

“Having tree planting as course essential, subject classes on climate and environment across schools, could spread awareness faster and do damage control”, says Adit Uppal, Class IX, Amity International School, Noida